USB Charging Power Points

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Using  your computer for charging a smartphone, Ipad, Ipod,  tablet, GPS device, media player, camera or any other electronical USB device can be quite impractical. Also, with everything needing to be plugged in, frequently, at the same time, using bulky transformers  is not the most convenient solution. They take up too much space on the socket and very often, go missing. Moreover, you can charge only one device at the time. Fortunately, new USB power points could be the perfect option for you, as they have USB sockets built into it, customised to meet your requirements. 

There are different plug configurations available to suit your needs, such as:  double power point containing double USB sockets, single power point with double USB sockets, single power point with two double USB socketss or from one to six double USB sockets on one switch plate, to name a few. Australian Standard (Approval Certificates) 240-volt power sockets with additional USB charging sockets ensure maximum charging speed of your electronical devices. They all include standard sockets which could be easily installed anywhere in your offices or homes in Canberra.
Although USB power points are easy to install, it can be also dangerous as it can cause a fire or electric shock. Therefore, when you decide to buy and install an USB power point, getting help from electricians in Canberra is a good start. It is highly recommended that you get in touch with a licensed electrician. Capital Tadies' electricians will be able to recommend power points which will suit your needs as well as conduct the installation.

Apart from the installation of new electrical components, electrical engineers and technicians at Capital Tradies Canberra are also experts at  the maintenance and repair of existing electrical infrastructure. They have full truck of electrical supplies so they are able to complete electrical tasks in Canberra in a timely manner no matter how complex, large or small tasks could be. You can also count on  a courtesy safety inspection of electricity  in your home or office in Canberra.
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