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Which air conditioning system is the best for me? 
‘Which air conditioning system available in Canberra is the best for me?’ is the most popular question asked by our customers in Canberra. This blog will help you to make the right decision on which air conditioner to purchase.
Let’s have a look first at some of the benefits of having an AC systems installed. Firstly, it is the best cooling device, which not only cools your rooms or entire houses, but also cleanses the air. 

This is an important aspect as you want the air in your living and working environments to be fresh and clean, especially for those suffering from hay fever and asthma. Also, modern air conditioners are stylishly designed and can be easily blended into a décor of your house or office. 

With the different types of air conditioners we have available at Capital Tradies Canberra from: reverse cycle ducted systems, reverse cycle split systems, reverse cycle multi split systems room or air conditioners, all your cooling requirements and individual preferences can be satisfied. 

When choosing the best air conditioning unit for satisfying your cooling needs, make sure to answer to all these questions:

-    What am I looking for in an AC?
-    What is the amount of money I have available?
-    What kind of system do I need?
-    Which brand should I take into consideration?
-    Am I choosing the right sized air conditioner?
-    Which energy efficiency star rating should I look at?
-    Which refrigerant is required for the unit I am choosing and which one will be more costly to repair?
-    What is the warranty period of the unit I am choosing?
When it comes to selecting an air conditioning brand, some customers go for more luxury brands whereas others choose more reliable and affordable ones. At Capital Tradies Canberra, we offer a full range of air conditioning brands – from the luxury ones such as Daikin and Actron Air, more affordable ones:Fujitsu, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Panasonicto the cheaper options such as:Teco, Midea and Mistral. However, the best AC system is not only about brands. If you want your AC unit to achieve its’ optimal performance, quality installation is also MUST. Call us today at Capital Tradies Canberra. We will help you to choose the right air conditioner for you in Canberra and get it installed swiftly and correctly.