Air Conditioning


Air conditioning is the process of altering the properties of air (primarily temperature and humidity) to more comfortable conditions, typically with the aim of distributing the conditioned air to an occupied space to improve thermal comfort and indoor air quality.

Canberra Tradies can provide a full range of Air Conditioning options for sale, insulation, service, repairs and maintenance of all major brands of Air Conditioning systems.

Service, Repairs and Maintenance

To maintain peak performance of your system, to save on electrical power bills and prevent any damage that can shorten the life of your system or cause high repair bills. Servicing your system should be done every 6 to 12 months. These services are usually best done at the being of summer and winter periods.

Residential Service

Every 6 months for reverse cycle systems - a single system that can provide both heating and cooling.

Every 12 months for Air Conditioning Cooling systems only.

Air Con Service Canberra

Commercial Systems

Commercial Systems once a month.

Services include:

  • checking how well the unit is performing
  • checking refrigerant levels and gas pressure
  • checking for any leaks in piping or insulation
  • cleaning coils and burners
  • replacing air filters
  • resetting the thermostat and ensuring that it is correctly calibrated
  • ensuring that fans are operating correctly
  • ensuring that the unit does not rattle, vibrate or make excessive noise
  • identifying required repairs and replacement of parts with quotes

Cleaning the Filter

The filter in the air conditioner needs to be cleaned regularly when in use. This is done by removing the screen and running a vacuum cleaner over the filter approximately every two weeks depending on the air quality.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

The system will need to be the right size and type based on your budget. There are many factors to be considered including the number of rooms, volume of air, the type of insulation, materials used in the premises, the direction the rooms and house faces, window sizes, treatments and coverings. Whether you select an air conditioner for cooling or a reverse cycle for heating and cooling, there are many options available. Other considerations are the energy efficient star rating, energy consumption figures and the noise level for a unit which is measured in decibels. It is important to have a Certified Air Conditioning technician give you professional advice on the right purchase for your specific needs.

You may need an electrician which we can supply if your selected air conditioning system requires new electrical wiring and boards to support it.

It is important to allow for the cost of the Air Conditioner, the installation and the servicing in your budget.

Types of Air Conditioning systems

Reverse Cycle Ducted Systems

Ducted systems are one of the most effective ways to heat and cool an entire building using a split system, usually installed outside and in the ceiling. The air is carried to the various rooms in the house through ducts in the ceiling.

Reverse Cycle Split Systems

These are an excellent, cost-effective solution to heat or cool a single room or area of a house. Split systems provide both heating and cooling and can be installed in almost any location.

Reverse Cycle Multi Split Systems

A multi split configuration is useful where ducting is not possible (e.g. the lower floor of a multi-storey house). Multiple head units are driven by a single main unit.

Room Air Conditioners (window/wall systems)

For a quick and easy solution to cooling a small area, these wall or window mounted units require minimal space and are simple to install. They can also be fitted in places where a split system may not be practical.