Bathroom renovations


Bathroom renovations is the best way to bring an old bathroom back to life. Whether that is replacing some elements of the bathroom such as the bath, shower, storage cabinets, titling, painting, tapware, fittings or creating a fully renovated bathroom.  For personal use, renting or for selling a home.  The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house along with the kitchen for personal use, renting and for sale of a home.

Canberra Tradies Canberra can provide a full range of Bathroom Renovation options.

Designing Bathroom Renovations
When it comes to updating or designing a new bathroom, here are some things you will need to keep in mind:
Consider if you will use the bathroom as a place for relaxing and/or to “get clean”. You may wish to use a design professional or bathroom tradesman to help understand the options and what will work best for your needs and achieve the look and feel you desire for your bathroom.

Bath: Resurfacing your bath rather than getting a new bath can save you a lot of money.

Tiles:  Get your tiles resurfaced or painted to give them a new clean look. Speak to one of our tiling tradesmen on tile selection and advise you on the integrity of your existing tiles.

Water efficiency: Looking at water efficient fittings such as water saving taps and showerheads, dual flush toilets and grey water systems which are also great for the garden and save on your water bills!

Heating: Heating a bathroom is an important consideration especially depending on where you live. Such as: heated towel rails, heating lights to heat the entire bathroom and heated floors.

Storage: Bathrooms need good storage such as: Shelving, cabinets, recessed wall spaces and towel racks.  That are functional and minimise cleaning and clutter.

Colours:  To have a modern look and feel that will not date use a colour palette of neutrals and whites in the main areas – the tiling, bath, shower and walls. You can add colour with accessories and towels.

Paint: The paint you choose for the bathroom has to be able to handle the moisture and the hot stream levels of a shower and bath.  Semi-gloss or gloss paints are recommended as a finish selection.

Small Bathrooms: Many bathrooms are small which need clever design and selection of elements to maximise the space and give the appearance of a larger bathroom. Such as using larger tiles, mirrors, light colours, vertical lines and tiling from the floor to the ceiling.

Bathroom ventilation: is important to prevent mould and water leakage. You need effective ventilation using exhaust fans (go for larger size exhaust fans and have them positioned near the shower and windows that cross-ventilate.

Waterproofing: It is critical to ensure that water from the wet areas such as the: shower, bath and vanity areas do not cause damage. Correct waterproofing has to be done before any tiling or installation of fittings.

Professionals and Tradesmen that maybe required to renovate your Bathroom

Architects, Draftsmen or interior designers – these can help to draw up blueprints/plans for the new bathroom and can also help you to decide what style, fittings and finishes would be best for you.

Plumbers – you’ll need a plumber to install or move pipes, taps, bath, showers, spas etc. Plumbers can also ensure that waterproofing is performed correctly and install drainage.

Electricians – will be required to install lighting, heating and ventilation and to perform other tasks such as installing power points. An electrician will also need to help install a spa.

Carpenters – necessary if you are moving any doors or windows or making any structural changes to the bathroom. If you plan to install any wooden elements such as flooring, a carpenter is the person to do it. Carpenters can also install cabinetry.

Cabinet makers – will make vanities and cabinets to fit the exact specifications of your bathroom, while keeping true to the style that you have chosen.

Tilers – can install new tiles or mirrors, and resurface or remove existing tiles.

Painters – needed to paint any areas that are not covered by tiles or other elements. Will paint the bathroom with a moisture and wear-resistant paint.