Painting is the cheapest way of redecorating, protecting and getting a new look without a lot of money. If you need to repair, renovate or paint a new home, extension or feature Capital Tradies painters can provide high quality consulting and painting in Canberra. Our team consists of hard-working and highly professional specialists with needed knowledge and skills to perform outstanding and quality painting service in Canberra that will last for years ahead.

Capital Tradies Canberra provide a wide range of services for home, commercial and industrial painting in Canberra which include:

  • Interior painting
  • Flooring: Safety First Non Slip Flooring, Rapid Dry, High Traffic
  • Exterior painting
  • Exterior timber maintenance
  • Metal painting
  • Fence painting
  • Special finishes including Rapid Dry, Hygienic, Chemical Resistant etc
  • Graffiti removal, cover up and anti-graffiti paints
  • Spray painting
  • Wallpapering


Painting Canberra


As we are trying to provide a complete solution to our customers and the best painting services in Canberra, no matter if it comes to residential or commercial properties, we have specialists for every work needed in the property 

Paint consulting: Which are the best paints for your specific needs?

Interiors: Selecting the right colors for each room to create the space, flow and right look and feel throughout the house and paint finishes are critical decisions that are best done with the assistance of the painter.

Exteriors: Making your exterior look good while also protecting it against the elements. For example, timber around your home needs to be maintained so that it stays looking good and does not deteriorate. Our professional painters in Canberra clean and apply new stains, oils, varnishes or paints to the timber.

Fences: With years of experience, we specialize in painting wood, metal, brick and concrete fences.

Roofs: Roof painting in Canberra is very important; it protects and complements the colour and style of your home.

Special finishes: We provide special paint finishes which include suede, metallic, pearl, satin and marbling.

Spray painting: If you are looking for the quickest and most effective way to paint a large exterior area, this should be your choice.

Commercial painting:  Our professional, experienced and friendly team provides commercial painting in Canberra for business, retail shops, shopping centres, schools, hospitals, office blocks, halls, hotels, resorts, clubs, restaurants, fast food outlets or factories etc.

With experience and real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us for all professional painting service in Canberra:


  • Protecting areas from paint by laying drop sheets
  • Erecting scaffolding
  • Preparing surfaces including filling holes, sanding, repairing woodwork and metal, removing old paint (safely removing lead-based paint) or wallpaper, sealing surfaces and applying waterproofing systems to wet areas when required
  • Selecting and preparing the right paint


  • Using brushes, rollers or spray painting for paint application

Clean Up

  • Cleaning equipment and work areas

Capital Tradies has professional painters to do all types of painting from domestic to commercial.

Clean Up

  • Cleaning equipment and work areas

Capital Tradies has professional painters to do all types of painting from domestic to commercial.


The modern composition of paints results in latex formulations, which are water-soluble paints derived from petroleum or polymer components. These are widely used for exterior as well as interior. This formulation reduces post-painting clean up and reduces the smells associated with oil-based paints, which may be composed of either natural, traditional oils or modern, synthetic ones. Computerised paint scanners formulate new paints to match the often faded colour of existing paints. Many chain stores offer colour-matching service.

Modern paints are available in various specialised formulations that can be fade resistant, chip resistant, odour-free, antibiotic to resist mould and fungi growth, etc.

Modern paints also are available in low- to no- (zero) volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These paints are safer for the environment and have little or no odour.


Primer is a thin paint solution, or even a specialised liquid colour-coordinated to support the finish coat, which penetrates into the pores of wood, and allows the finish coat to adhere to the underlying primer.

For metal surfaces, primer may involve special characteristics to resist corrosion, prevent impact chipping or improve adhesion of the finish coat.

Preparation of Surfaces

For professional painters, the majority of their time is spent in preparation for paint application. Cleaning and sanding surfaces, scraping loose and failing paint, taping and applying paper or plastic to surfaces not to be painted typically involve 50% or more of the painter's total time budget.

Professional painters are responsible for all preparation prior to painting. All scraping, sanding, wallpaper removal, caulking, drywall or wood repair, patching, stain removal, filling nail holes or any defects with plaster or putty, cleaning, taping, preparation and priming are considered to be done by the professional contracted painter.

Before repainting, surfaces are usually cleaned with sugar soap which usually contains sodium carbonate, sodium phosphate, and sometimes sodium silicate as an abrasive, though formulations vary. Some modern formulations do not contain phosphates due to environmental concerns.

Colour Visualisation

Some house painters in Australia have adopted colour visualisation computer software, developed by companies such as Autech Software & Design, as an additional tool to help demonstrate to customers how their home would look after it is painted. House painters can use a digital photo outputted by this software to show possible colour schemes on the client's home exterior or room walls to help with their colour selection.