Get Ready for Your Bathroom Renovation Project

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A bathroom renovation in Canberra can be one of the most difficult renovation projects in your house. Think of all that inconvenience when you are not able to use your bathroom, especially if there is only one in your home. So, to minimize your stress and prevent the whole project turning into a disaster, we will provide you here with some useful tips.

The most important thing is to decide on your renovation budget. To be able to determine labour costs, get in touch with several contractors and discuss your project ideas with them. Their proposals will include different phases of the project and its costs, giving you an idea how much money you have left for new tiles, fixtures and other renovation elements. In case the renovation budget exceeds the size of your wallet, you can always change aspects of your project. Instead of completely replacing old bathroom elements, consider cheaper substitutes. Anything that it still works can be fixed and reused. Do not replace the existing bathtub, just reline or refinish it. If, however, it has to be replaced, go for a cheaper pre-fabricated shower instead of a tiled one.

Consider doing small jobs, such as painting, yourself. Your bathroom walls are occupied by tiles, mirrors, bathtubs which leaves you only a small space to paint. Leave your plumbing such as toilet and other bathroom facilities where they are as this will also save you a significant amount of money. 

When choosing a contractor for your bathroom renovation in Canberra, do not be lazy. Do through research. Take a look at their references and reviews and make sure they are licensed and insured. A real professional should be able to provide you with free upfront estimates which match your starting budget. It is also important that you get a start and finishing date for your project, so you can plan everything in advance.

Once everything is settled, before the project starts, one more important, but commonly overlooked, thing should be considered. If you do not have a second bathroom, think where you will be taking a shower and doing all other things you usually do in your bathroom. Having your family or friends who live nearby can be very helpful in this situation. If, however, that is not the case, you may be thinking about installing a temporary shower in your basement.

Detailed planning of each aspect of your bathroom renovation project in advance will help you avoid many potential issues and project delays, reducing your stress as well as of other members of your household.