How Capital Tradies Can Save You Time and Money

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Using fully qualified tradesmen with plenty of experience is the best way to ensure that your home project is a success!  A professional tradesman will help you complete the project on-time and to a high standard.

Unfortunately, it can often be difficult to find a professional tradesman who is both affordable and capable of doing a great job.  That’s where Capital Tradies can help!  We act as a liaison between qualified tradespeople and clients, helping to connect the right person with the right job.

We use a rigorous vetting procedure to ensure all tradesmen are fully qualified, reliable, hard-working, and friendly. Using Capital Tradies takes the risk out of hiring a tradesmen!

The importance of using fully qualified tradesmen

There are many reasons for only using fully qualified tradesmen, including:

The job will be performed safely

Qualified tradesmen receive comprehensive occupational health and safety training.  This helps them maintain a safe workplace, reducing the risk of injury for occupants of the building.  They will also complete the job correctly, ensuring that the building remains a safe space for its occupants.

A professional tradesman will perform high quality work

An experienced and fully qualified tradesperson has a higher standard of workmanship than a handyman. They don’t accept dodgy work practices and only leave a job when it has been fully completed. A qualified tradesman is proud of their work.

A professional tradesman is efficient

Because they are highly trained and experienced, a professional tradesman can get the job done faster.  That means less disruption to your home or place of business.

They will turn up on time!

Almost everyone has dealt with a dodgy tradesman in the past.  They usually turn up late and without the right tools!  A professional tradesman treats the client with much more respect and turns up on time.  They appreciate how valuable your time is and are very reliable.

How Capital Tradies can help

Capital Tradies makes finding talented tradesmen easy!  The process starts with clients requesting a tradesman on the website.  We then consult our database of tradesman to find a professional with the right set of skills, experience, and qualifications to get the job done.

Every tradesman on our database has been thoroughly vetted. They have also been rated for their qualifications, experience and quality of work. This gives customers the certainty that the tradesmen we recommend will be suitably qualified for the job. Here are a few advantages obtained by using Capital Tradies for your next project:

You will spend less time looking for a qualified tradesman

Finding a great tradesman can take a lot of time.  You may have to read online reviews, ask your friends and relatives for recommendations, or call different tradesmen to discuss the project.  You can avoid all of this hassle by using Capital Tradies.  After you submit a request for a tradesman, we will take a close look at your project and recommend the perfect tradesman.

Our tradesmen are fully insured

All of the tradesmen in our database are fully licensed and insured.  You won’t have to double check their credentials because we already have!  By using fully insured professionals you can avoid any legal liability if the tradesman is injured while in your premises.  You will also have coverage for the work that each tradesman performs.

Our tradesmen are qualified professionals

All of the tradesman used by Capital Tradies are experienced professionals who have been working in their respective fields for years.  They are reliable, efficient, and professional in their dealings.  They arrive on time, are easy to contact and will answer any questions that you have.  Our tradesmen are a real pleasure to work with!

We only use tradesmen with an excellent reputation and work history

Our team thoroughly vets all of the tradesman we use. We take a close look at their work history and the types of projects they have worked on. We only add the best of the best to our database, ensuring that our clients are always satisfied.

Our service is 100% free!

Using Capital Tradies is 100% free!  Simply complete the get a quote form and we will locate the perfect tradesman for your project!

Capital Tradies is an online tradesmen recommendation service that connects people FREE to qualified tradesmen.  Call 1300 363 380 or click Get a QUOTE and we will get the right tradesman to call and book a time.