How to make your garden look more beautiful?

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After a cold, harsh winter, there's nothing more satisfying than watching flowers and greenery blossom in your backyard and neat and tidy garden space. 

What do you imagine when you think of a beautiful garden? It might be perfectly arranged flower beds, gorgeous garden paths and mystical lighting arrangements. It’s unlikely that you think about mowing the lawns, weeding the beds and removing unwanted debris from the garden.

But crafting and maintaining the perfect garden in Canberra is as much about adding the correct, beautiful features to make up a whole, radiant display as it is about removing unwanted plants and waste – together both elements will ensure you can enjoy a gorgeous outdoor space all year round.
Having a garden gives you a daily opportunity to see and learn about the wildlife that is living around your doorstep and here are few tips how to make your garden charming, neat and unique.

Plant a tree or shrub
Having a tree or shrub in your garden is an easy way to encourage wildlife. Crab apples, hazels and willows are ideal for even the smallest gardens and will become home to insects, which will in turn attract birds and small mammals. Strategically place your tree or shrub where it will get light without overshadowing neighbor’s gardens.
Hang a bird feeder
Bird feeders can encourage all kinds of feathered friends to flock to your garden.  Dried fruit makes for an excellent natural bird food, but make sure if you have a dog that these fruits aren’t in reach. 

Build a pond
A pond is a sure fire way to attract wildlife and a place to keep your own fish. A well-maintained pond can require significant upkeep including purchasing things like filters, fish food and pumps. You can dig out and build a pond yourself but beware they may attract some unwanted visitors such as birds (which could eat your fish), so ensure that there are lilies or aquatic sculptures that your fish can hide beneath to avoid them getting snapped up.

Make Your Own Accents
There are plenty of decorative garden projects that you can do it yourself to enhance your backyard space, including casting your own stepping-stones or designing your own tabletop fountains that also add some one-of-a-kind flair to your garden. Don't throw away the old tree stump. Turn it into a cool, mini garden instead 

Take care of your garden
Mow the lawn regularly and trim the edges since it looks tidy and the smell of mown grass is associated with well-kept gardens. Sweep the paths and remove the dead head flowers – removing flowers that are past their best transforms a border – even if there is less color it creates a better impression.
No matter if you are a novice gardener or an experienced one, we at Capital Tradies offer some great advice and help on what to do in the garden throughout the year.