Preparing Your Garden for the Winter

Blog Post

As winter days are getting colder and grey in Canberra, it is very hard to maintain enthusiasm for gardening. That is the reason why many people neglect their gardens in winter. Although it is a quiet season, there is still plenty of work you could do which will not only preserve your gardens' health but also lift your spirit. Winter is actually a fun time to be outside!

You can start with cleaning up your gardens in Canberra. Rake away fallen fruits and dead leaves from your lawn to prevent insects and diseases to harm your Canberra garden. You can also pull out weeds, invasive and other annual plants which cannot survive winter. To prepare your trees for upcoming, cold months, you can wrap them and support with sticks. This is also the perfect season for trimming off unwanted branches from your trees.

As lawns become compacted after the long drought, you can consider aerating it by using a garden fork or power aerator. Aerating can be a good preparation for rejunevating lawns in spring. Also, laying mulch over your garden beds is highly recommendable as it can prevent water loss.
Moreover, winter can be the right time for digging new vegetables or garden beds. You should start considering your next year's garden design. 
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