Main Reasons for Hiring a Professional Plasterer in Canberra

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Is it time for decorating your home? There are many tasks you can do yourself. However, plastering your walls is not the one of them. It may seem to be easy – get the kit and simply get the job done. But, even the first step of the process, buying the right material, can be tricky. This is why, no matter if you need to replace your current plaster, spackle uneven walls or need completely fresh plastering, we recommend you hire a professional plasterer in Canberra. 

There is a variety of plastering materials on the market for both external and internal walls. But not each of them can be applied to any wall. A professional plasterer in Canberra will help you choose the correct material for your type of walls, ensuring a good balance of damp is achieved which will keep your walls in good condition.

In case you do plastering yourself and without any previous experience, there are many mistakes you can make that you cannot even be aware of. Although there are many guidelines about how to do it yourself, such as YouTube tutorials, plastering is a tricky task and your smallest mistake can result in unsightly and uneven walls. You need to know how to mix plaster and apply the right amount to achieve the perfect finish. Also, the drying times can affect the look of your walls, so you should be careful as these depend on the type of your walls as well as the type of plaster. 

Plaster is a material that is applied as a wet paste and if you really do not know what you are doing, you can create a lot of mess around the house. Cleaning can be time consuming and, in case you have carpets that need to be replaced, also expensive. An experienced plasterer in Canberra has a good wrist to apply and quickly reapply or remove remained plaster so mess is almost avoided.

When it comes to health and safety, although plastering may not seem as a dangerous task, there are still some risks involved. You need to know which footwear to choose as well as safe equipment. You should be confident with climbing ladders and working from heights as this task often requires a long reach. Do you know how to make wire ends safe and prevent risks such as spillages? If your answer to any of these points is no, the best option is to hire a professional who will keep your family and you safe and save you a lot of time and the trouble.