Why to Replace Your Cooling and Heating Systems Now?

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With cold temperatures on its way, Canberra residents are moving from summer to winter. Temperatures may be comfortable now, but soon your thermometer will go down and with it, it comes the necessity for having your heating systems on. It is the same case in summer, when the heat kicks in and you start experiencing humidity and uncomfortable conditions, having properly operating air conditioning is more than required. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with the perfomance of your heating and cooling systems in Canberra, you may start considering replacing it rather than repairing it. There are some reasons why replacements could be the smarter option.

As your heating and cooling system gets older, its efficiency is significantly affected. Namely, it requires more energy to work properly, hence, your utility bills are going up. By replacing it with new, more efficient unit, you can lower your energy bills as well as reduce carbon footprint.
Expensive repairs are more likely to occur with heating and cooling systems which are older than 8 to 10 years. Component failures and breakdowns are very frequent. Considering longer term periods, it is more cost effective to replace the whole system in Canberra than invest from time to time in recurring repairs. 
Moreover, as technology moves forward, these advances are also reflected on new heating and cooling units. For instance, when it comes to certain smart aspects of new airconditioning units, multi-speed fans not only save energy by reducing temperatures on colder days but also affect and lower your energy bills. 
If your existing heating and cooling systems in Canberra are outdated and  require replacements which exceed your budgets, you may start considering more cost effective options such as portable air conditioners or gas and electric heaters. They are easy to move from one place to another, available at cheaper rates and enable hassle-free installation. 
If you are thinking of replacing your heating and cooling units in Canberra, call the professionals at Capital Tradies. They also provide repair and maintenance of your units as well as free consultations. They are happy to respond to all the questions you may have!