Spring Home Maintenance

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The winter is over and we are finally experiencing some warmer temperatures. Spring is in the air, time to start working on your list of cleaning and maintenance tasks. Many people can carry out smaller home repairs and cleanup tasks themselves without help of a professional handyman in Canberra. This way you can save a significant amount of money that you can spend, for instance, on your next summer holiday.

Check your windows and doors for any damages that may have occurred this winter. Make sure that you turn off your furnace and change its filters, so it is ready for the next season. Turn on your air conditioning to check it works properly and also clean or replace its air filters. Examine your walls for any cracks or signs of moisture.
When it comes to the exterior of your property, you can easily cleanup your yard. You definitely do not need any assistance for removing the litter deposited in your yard during the winter. Make sure that you wear gloves as it can involve removing some broken glass and dog waste. Even though you probably raked leaves throughout the autumn, there will be some more dead leaves and other natural waste to remove. 

Make sure that you clean leaves and other debris out of gutters as they can be the cause for rain backing up and leaking into your house. 
Check your roof and attic for any damages that may have occurred this winter. Climb a ladder and inspect if there are any broken or missing shingles. Inspect thoroughly your attic and make sure there are no signs of any water drips or stains. 

You should also check out the joints around your chimney and if you used your fireplace this winter, this is a good time for a proper chimney sweep. Although this does not seem as a difficult chore, we still suggest you hire a professional handyman in Canberra to do the job thoroughly so you avoid the unpleasant smell of creosote and soot this summer.

Inspecting the things around your house as well as cleaning does not require any expertise or relevant experience. If, however, after your detailed check up you notice any kinds of issues or damages, no matter if it’s on your walls, roof, windows or doors, do not hesitate to schedule a repair with your local handyman in Canberra who will be able to fix the problem quickly, preventing more severe damages and more costly repairs. 

Larger projects, such as painting your walls, replacing framing or reinstalling your decks can also be much better suited to a professional handyman in Canberra.