The Importance of Spring Landscaping

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For perfect landscaping in Canberra, one of your first considerations should be the weather. A moderately dry oceanic climate results in chilly winters and warm to hot summers in Canberra. These weather conditions are just perfect for hanging out in your gardens and enjoying the sun from April till late October. Spending so much time outside requires a relaxed garden layout with the strong appeal and a sense of place. Once you achieve that ideal design, there is still a lot of work to be done to maintain your beautiful landscaping in Canberra, especially in spring. Now that spring is here, we will give you some tips that will help you prepare your landscape for summer.

Remove all dead branches on your shrubs and trees as they don’t only give your garden an unappealing look, but they also can be dangerous in case of a storm. Shrubs that bloom in summer should be trimmed in early spring while those that bloom in spring should be pruned once the flowers are gone. To keep your garden free from rot and mould, clean up all dead leaves and debris.

Before spring kicks off, make sure that your lawn is thatched, raked and aerated. Fertilize it with a light fertilizer as heavier ones can cause diseases and weeds if applied in spring. If there are any bare patches, plant grass seed and add some nitrogen fertilizer which will speed up its growing. In spring,  there still can be some chill in the air which can dry out grass, so make sure that you water your lawn with 1 inch of water each week. 

To keep your plants cool and moist, mulch the base of your trees and flower beds with 1 to 3 inch thick layer of mulch as soon as spring starts. Apart from retaining moisture, the mulch is one of the best insulators for your plants’ roots. There are many different mulch colours and textures available. Make sure you choose the one which matches with the exterior of your house. 

If your garden bed is not edged with stones, use an edging tool to cut the edge every spring, creating crisp lines which will give your garden a neat look. 
When it comes to new plants, make sure that you choose the ones which grow well in Canberra. These include: Grass Trees, Lomandra, Carex Grass, Eucalyptus, Lilly Pilly, Angophora and many others. If you are not sure when making your decision which plants to grow, consult a professional landscaper. 

Maintaining your landscape in spring is very important for improving the appearance of your outdoor space which enables you to fully enjoy the approaching summer season.