Tiling And Repairing And Replacing Damaged Tiles

Blog Post

A beautiful look of your wall and floor tiles in your kitchens and bathrooms in Canberra can be easily ruined by scratches, cracks or other marks. There are many reasons for that. Tiles will start chipping and cracking if they are not installed properly. This is the reason why you should make sure that tiling in your homes in Canberra is done properly and that you leave plenty of time for the mortar and grout to dry.  This will keep your tiles secure in place. Also, floor tiles can easily crack if they are exposed to frequent foot traffic. However, all these imperfections can be either repaired or replaced without too much effort. In this blog, we will explain how you can replace or repair tiles in your Canberra kitchens and bathrooms in case they are damaged.
First of all, when tiling your walls and floors in Canberra, make sure that you keep some spare tiles. Not only that this will save you from another trip to a hardware shop, but also it can happen that a tile you are looking for is no longer available. 
If your tile is only slightly damaged, it is much easier to repair it than replace it. You can do this by using a paint which matches with the colour of your tile which will not only conceal the crack or scratch but also prevent moisture damage. 
In case that your tile is heavily damaged and it is not possible repairing it with paint, the best solution would be replacing it with a new tile. That involves removing a damaged tile by shattering it completely. You should cover the tile with a cloth and smash it into small pieces with a hammer. Remove all the pieces using your hands. Remove dust from the empty space and apply adhesive to the new tile evenly and place it to the wall or floor. Once the adhesive is dry, you should add tile grout to the edges of the tile, completely filling the gaps surrounding the tile. Once the grout is dry, clean it with a damp cloth. 
If, however, you are not confident in doing it yourself, make sure that you seek help from professional tilers. For the best tiling solutions in Canberra regardless of the tiling enquiry you may have, call Capital Tradies Canberra. We will be more than happy to assist you!