Which Type of Glass is the Best for Your Window?

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When it comes to your property's thermal performance in Canberra, windows are one of the key aspects you should look at. The right type of glass for your windows helps you to achieve optimal efficiency of your windows which can prevent overheating in summer and draft coming through in winter. Choosing the right glass means comfort for you and other property's occupants as well as reasonable heating and cooling costs.
As energy efficiency has become a major concern for home owners, single panes of glass are not a preferable option anymore and the most frequent solution recommended by glaziers in Canberra has been a double glazed window. It is made of two panes of glass connected by a spacer and a gas filled space in between. The gas in between the panes keeps the inside glass at room temperature which helps you get rid of condensation and dampness in winter and, in summer, reduces the impact of hot temperatures. Also, two panes of glass reduce the noise ensuring a quiter living and working conditions.
This type of glass alongside a triple glazed window has been some of the key elements in modern construction. They distinguish by a high quality, durability and result in energy, hence, costs savings. They are known as Insulated Glass Units. As triple glazed windows are more expensive and usually used in cold climates, for most Australia, a double glazed window is the standard we highly recommend.

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